• Is the hardware locks more secure than the software locks ?
    Contrary to popular belief, hardware locks are not in any way more secure than the software locks. Security of a software or hardware lock depends on the number, quality, and efficiency of the security layers used in that product.
  • What criteria define the extent of security a software or hardware lock provides?
    Security of a software or hardware lock is determined by product’s resistance against hacking, cracking, reverse engineering and debuggers.
  • Will be any change in quality or execution speed of file types such as videos, audios, or images after encryption?
    No, Not in any way
  • Is it possible to test software or hardware locks before buying?
  • Will there be a separate fee for updating software or hardware locks?
    There will be no separate fees up to one year from the date of purchase; after that there will be a 20% fee.
  • How can I see a demonstration of software locks?
    You can see a video demonstration of these products by clicking on the hardware and software locks.
  • How can I test or get a demo-version of hardware locks?
    By paying the cost of a single copy of “silver shield” hardware lock (plus shipment fees) you can get a demo-version of the product for testing.
  • How can I purchase the hardware or software locks?
    Please first visit “lock selection guide” in the home page screen and use that section to define your project specification according to the asked questions. After you have found the lock more appropriate to your needs, pay the corresponding fee to one of the company’s bank accounts provided in the home page, and then visits the “contact us” section and informs the company of the payment. You will receive your product Within 1 to 5 days depending on the type of project. After the payment, if your desired product is not compatible with your project all your expenses will be refunded.
  • After purchasing the Balas Soft Lock do I still need to purchase a key?
    After paying the initial fees for purchasing the Balas Soft Lock, you will receive a key and a serial, and there won’t be any need to purchase that key again.
  • What are the methods of receiving activation code in the Balas Soft Lock?
    Automatically through the Internet, manually through the Internet
  • What is the size of the Balas Soft Lock itself?
    30 megabytes
  • How many parts the Balas Soft Lock consists of?
    Two parts: the encryption kit and the Customers’ portal.
  • Which operating systems the Balas Soft Lock is compatible with?
    From windows xp -sp3 to windows 10 including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • What is the meaning of “key” mentioned in descriptions of Balas Soft Lock and Javid lock?
    Assume that you want to lock a number of programs such as English learning, mathematics learning, and history learning into a package. If you want the user who has bought the English learning program to pay a separate fee for math or history learning programs, you must purchase and provide a new key for those separate programs.
  • What is the meaning of “serial” mentioned in descriptions of Balas Soft Lock and Javid lock?
    You need to purchase a serial number for each software package (with any size and in any number) which to be sold to one end-user.
  • Why isn’t the serial number free of charge?
    Serial numbers created by this company’s products are most secure, and purchases also include one year of activation service through the online system provided by two dedicated servers. Therefore, company charges customers for these services.
  • Is there any way not to purchase serial number?
    If you purchase the commercial version of Balas Soft Lock and Javid lock, you can get any number of activation codes through Customers Portal, so you won’t need to purchase serial number. But if you want the process of giving activation codes to your customers to be done automatically through the online system, you need to purchase serial number.
  • Is there a limit on the purchase of serial number?
    No, you can get any number of serial numbers you need
  • For how many years the serial numbers will be valid, and then what will be their status?
    Serial numbers will be valid for 1 to 5 years, based on the customer's choice. Afterwards if the customer does not renew them, they will not be responded with an activation code.
  • Is it possible to get the activation code on my own site?
    Yes, your site (written in any language) can be linked with our site using iframe tag and then you can distribute activation code on your own website.
  • After locking, does the activation only work on one computer?
    Yes. For each serial number, you can activate Balas Soft Lock only on one computer. If you want your users to have activation codes on several computers, you must purchase and place your desired number of serial numbers in your product package.
  • After purchasing the software locks, would I have to pay separate fees for the system of automatic and manual online activation?
  • Is the customers’ portal for free, or does it having a monthly or annual charge?
    Customers’ portal is free and requires no annual or monthly payment.
  • Is the support for software or hardware locks includes a fee?
    We have provided all the necessary instructions in our product packages, and also in the step by step support section in our website.
  • After the locking, does the Balas Soft Lock will be detected as a virus?
  • Considering that some software or hardware locks on the market can only support source files, is it possible to encrypt executable or setup files without the sources?
    Yes, you can encrypt executable or setup files without the sources
  • How do you model and address the risk of lock breaking and reverse engineering in your company?
    The expert’s term for broken lock is the successful attack. In the event of a successful attack on one of our products, first we investigate this attack then secure the related layer or layers and then provide an essential security service pack for that product; Then we notify our customers by e-mail and SMS so they can update their software with the help of customers’ portal and remove that security risk.
  • If a customer loses his/her serial number, how can it be retrieved?
    With the use of “Search keyword” option through Customers’ Portal you can access your clients’ serial numbers and other information.
  • Is it possible that an activation code for a certain serial number would not lead to activation?
    Yes. If your client replaces his/her hard drive or CPU, serial number will not activate the product. In this case, you can reset the serial number of your client by the help of customers’ portal so the client can receive a new activation code by using the same serial number.
  • Is reinstalling Windows or formatting the hard drive change the activation code?