Copy Protection Technologies

  • Capture curbing

    Capture Curbing This technology prevents grabbing images or videos from the contents of computer screen. Some software programs (such as Jing, Snagit or Camtasia) enable users to record on-screen activities through images and videos which can potentially harm many businesses creating digital contents. Capture curbing technology can prevents this abuse and is absolutely essential for the creators and providers of licensed or copy protected documents, images and videos.

  • Video port blocker

    Video Port Blocker Videos pdf and picture files can be exported during their playback through graphics cards’ HDMI and VGA ports and then can be digitally recorded by a home theater system. Producers of these types of contents can use this technology to close these ports during playback

  • Smart print

    Smart Print Some content (such as XPS, pdf, or text Document) enable users to create a digital copy of images or text documents through a virtual printer. Smart Print technology identifies the virtual printers and can limit printing process to actual printers.

  • Anti print screen

    Anti Print Screen This technology prevents users from taking screenshots using the Prtscr/Print screen key. Producers of images, videos and text documents, who may suffer from illegal copying of their products through this key, will find this feature most beneficial. This technology is different from Capture Curbing technology in terms of access and method of prevention, because Prtscr/Print screen key is easily accessible for every user through the keyboard and the process of prevention is different from the case of screen-capture programs.

  • Anti virtual machine

    Anti Virtual Machine Some businesses limit their products in aspects such as number of use, time of use, etc. and some software programs (such as VMware) provide Virtual Machine technology that can potentially enable client to use these documents beyond their predetermined limitations. Anti-Virtual Machine technology identifies and blocks virtual machines, and thus prevents the use of documents outside their designated limitations .

  • Anti copy/pase

    Anti Copy/Paste Some businesses create products containing a large amount of text material which can be easily copied using Ctrl + C shortcut. Anti-Copy/Paste technology blocks the copying process through clipboard memory, during the review of digital text documents. Businesses which may financially suffer from mass copying of their text contents will find this technology most beneficial .