How is Copy Protection different from other companies?
You may have seen the different security products which are Similar in appearances but in fact are very different. We believe that we are very different from other companies which provide hardware and software Locks and experts can investigate and judge our claims in this regard. The most important of these differences are in actual performance, timely updates, error management, using advanced security methods, protection against reverse engineering, real-time protection, and protection against simulation
  • Actual performance
    It must be said that most software locks can’t even correctly perform the most basic operation in this field which is the unique identification of computers. This issue causes end-users to lose their code in the event of reinstalling operating system or making a minor change in their hardware, while in our products even the tiniest details of a security product are considered.
  • Timely updates
    One of the biggest problems of other companies is the lack of timely updates for their product.Copy Protection considers this issue very important and has addressed it in minimum time.
  • Error management at the maximum performance
    Copy Protection products have maximum performance and also error Management at its highest level, while multiple errors produced in other similar software are common.
  • Using advanced methods of Anti Crack and Anti Debug
    Copy Protection products use the most advanced methods to deal with Crackers and Debuggers and these methods are under regular periodic testing and refinement using most prestigious Crack websites and forums, while other similar companies have no such testing or not in desirable level.
  • Preventing resource and reverse engineering
    While reverse engineering is one of the most common methods of nullifying security products, the final products of this company cannot be reverse engineered or disassembled after the publication, not even by the company itself.
  • Full real-time protection
    Products of this company not only assess the security status of protected digital document at the beginning of execution, but also continuously protect it during execution and ongoing operations without imposing any problem to the end user computer such as, lag, freeze or interruption, While in majority of similar products, protection happens only once at the start of execution.
  • Protection against screenshot and screencast
    Using this technology, the any method of taking images and videos from the computer screen will be blocked.
  • Protection against virtual machines
    Using this technology, the customers gain the ability of preventing abusive users from executing encrypted digital documents in virtual machines.
  • Protection against simulation
    Simulation of security products is another method of breaching the security barriers. For example, a hardware lock can be apparently connected to the system, but in reality be simulated by port simulation software, creating the illusion of security for the execution of security products and digital document. That was the method which was used in simulation and cracking of the “Rafe accounting software”.Copy Protection products prevent the simulation of digital documents and products by encrypting and decrypting data in the execution path and other specialized methods.
  • Using the new method
    The rapid development of products and the use of new technologies are the most important solutions to endure the dynamics of security software market, but in most companies unfortunately, the release of final product means that development team will be pushed aside and the sales team will take its place. But the continuous development and production of new and unique technologies is the main feature of Copy Protection